Vacation Property Plus - Vacation Property Services took my money, didn't advertise my property

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I was contacted by Vacation Property Service.They explained they were a For Sale by owner advertising company and that they had many clients interested in buying my property.

They sent me a package stating they advertised on every single television station from Fox news to Lifetime. I gave them $995.00 advertising fee. They gave me a sale price of $52,000 and said they would market the property until it sold. They basically did nothing to market my property.

They took my advertising fee and I never heard from them again.

Their toll free # is disconnected.They are a rip-off

Vacation Property Plus - Scammed out of $1586.00

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I was contacted by RPS, Inc. Jason Montgomery 1-888-407-7041. I was told they had a buyer for my timeshare. I paid them $1586.00 in fees(Title & Transfer, Ownership Verification,and Astoppels Letter).

They did a 3rd party verification and gave me this number #18949038.When I received the contract by email it was not for fees, but to advertise my timeshare.

I faxed a letter stating I did not want to participate in their offer. I have NOT heard from them. All I get is a voice recording.

My next step is BBB and Attorney general, etc.

Review about: Timeshare Sale.



This guy just called me with the exact same pitch.He wants $1686 in fees(Title & Transfer, Ownership Verification,and Astoppels Letter.

I am so sorry he scammed you. I knew my timeshare wasn't listed but I was willing to sell but this seemed 2 good 2 B true so I googled him. You just save me $1686 which I can ill afford to lose.

I hope U recover yours.Thanks for thinking of others!



Vacation Property Plus - Time Share Scam

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We were recently contacted by a company called Vacation Property Plus out of Irving, Texas. They told us they had a buyer for a time share we owned in Branson, Misouri.

We checked out their web site, which looked legit. After talking to them they sent us a contract to look over, which looked fine, and we paid $1600.00.

At first they called every week with an update, now for the last 2 weeks we cannot get anyone to call us back or even talk to anyone. All we get are voice mails and answering machines.

If anyone knows anything about this company I would be glad to hear it. We can only assume we have been scammed and are out $600.00



Please contact me at 214.659.8600 if you were a victim of Vacation Property Plus.


I was recently contacted by a "company" other than the Vacation Property Plus company that you all are mentioning.However, it seems that we are dealing with the same criminal.

After my wife told me about her conversation, I did some due diligence of my own and realized it was a scam. Luckily. I then decided to get a little vengeful and hired a PI to find out who had trie to scam my wife. It turns out this Kevin Sanchez is a habitual scam artist out of Central Florida.

Email me and I will share with you what I found.Let's bring this *** to justice!


Call and report these folks to the Texas Attorney General's office.Also make sure you file complaints with the Florida Attorney General and the Secretary of State (since the companies are incorporated in Florida).

Since the sums you are being scammed are greater than $1,000, it is a felony! If you never received any legitimate value or services for the monies paid, then you are entitled to have the transaction null and voided.

FOr those that paid by credit card, immediately call and dispute the charges.

Never ever pay any fees "upfront", expecially to people who are in theory representing the buyers and not you!!!



My grandma/Parents were recently contacted by a "kevin Sanchez" interested in buying there timeshare.I quickly got on and googled to see what I could find.

I found many good things--- and then this. It seems too convenient that the scam that came up would happen to be in timeshares--- making me think it's not legit at all, but, my grandpa recently passed away, so grandma is eager to jump into the opportunity. The business name they gave us seemed legit, website and all. They had us look at the better business bureau, and so on.

Could it really be legit and they just happen to have the same name!?What are some other things I could look for before anyone chances it??


I have worked FABIAN FLEIFEL who has been supervising rooms into using deceptive sales practices by make false offers to unsuspected clients that their timeshare has been sold Not only did I discover this to be illegal.I also became aware that we were not even fulfilling the terms of our advertising agreement and listing the properties.

I am sorry to all the families I have sadly defrauded and scammed. After doing research I learned FABIAN FLEIFEL is currently under investigation by multiple federal agencies for fraud.



more info - just also found same Ph # (888-405-8905) listed (used) by a FL (not TX)

outfit 'International TimeShares Unlimited'

suspicions continue...


"resort placement service(s)" contacted me, say have buyer - want $2,157 up front for 'title search & transfer costs' (also say buyer pays '7,677.85 as 20% dn & closing costs').Offered me $24,592.85 for Timeshare bought years ago for about 18,000, say odd price due to running financing thru UK & conversion ??

I've ben burnt before, referred them to more trusted real estate agent I have listed with, see what happens, I do NOT think the up front $ is a good sign.

They say law req.collect up front from bothparties - something about Fed trade comission - but I haven't found actual reference...


We were called by a Trey Bradley with Resort Placement Services, told us he had a buyer for our Branson Time Share - $28,000 - made it sound legit, said buyer was overseas and as soon as he received 20% down ($5600) from him into an escrow account - he would need $2200 from us via a check deposit over the phone (yeah right).So did some Google searches - seemed fishy even though their website seemed OK but anybody can build a website - I noticed the copyright on it was 2010 - very recent.

The contact Number on their website 888-405-8905 is also associated with former complaints of Vacation Property Plus scams. When Mr.

Bradley called back, we accused him of being a scam......he didn't try real hard to convince of otherwise after telling him we were reporting him to the State Attorney Generals Office.Now if he was legit.....I think he would have offered proof.


I was contacted in April, 2010 by an agent of Vacation Property Plus and told that they had a buyer for my timeshare in Florida, but I would have to pay my share of the closing costs.I was also sent an agreement to sign which gave them license to start the title search, etc and that it would take 60-90 days to close on the sale.

I have been in contact witht them a few times, but feel that I am getting the run around; pretty sure that I have been scammed.

I will contact my bank to see if there is any chance of getting the fee reversed.Is there anyone I can report them to?


I called the BBB in Dallas and gave them the address of the company that called me claiming they found a buyer and want me to pay $1600-1800.Vacation Property Plus is out of business, but they are now known as Resort Placement Services.

Check out the website or call at 888-405-8905.Good luck.


I was scammed out of $2400 late last year by these wannabe professionals.After some digging, I found that the business is registered in FL with a TX address to a Kevin Sanchez with a MO address who actually resides in Lake Mary, FL..

His cell phone is (407) 230-2863 and he is more than likely continuing this sc under a different business name.Let's take down the son of a ***!

Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan #146020

Paid them $2,129 with a guarantee that it would be refunded (out of the buyers deposit) if the buyer backed out. I too have a cell number (321-251-0796) for a Bob McNeil, that as of today is saying that the number is no longer connected.

I also have a number for Travis Miller (972-215-0504) that goes to answering machine, but does ID him as being with Vacation Properties Plus.

I am calling to see if it's too late to reverse my payment.


:cry I was given a closing form and was given an ECO sign from them. Gave them 2,600 and cannot get a person to answer the phone, appears it does not work any longer.


My husband and I were contacted on the 1st of February and told that our share of closing costs were $1,543.00 and the buyer's non-refundable deposit was $3,180.00. We have tried to call all numbers given to us every day for a month and no response, not even from the cell phone of the so called "agent" Bob McNeill. I am reversing the charges to my card this morning.


just want to know if you paid that 1600 for half of the closing cost, the other half being paid by the buyer.

did they mention anything about that property is already sold and they've already collected money from the buyer, say around $5000?

and if the buyer backs out, you get the deposit, which is also in your agreement?

just want to know if these facts were told coz that's their marketing tactic on me..hope i get your reply before it's too late!


im in the same boat they took 1200.00 from me 4 mo. ago and i was able to ahold of them up until 2 or 3 weeks ago. im trying to find them

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